Hypo Hounds is a Diabetic Alert Assistance Dog Charity

Hypo Hounds is an Assistance Dog Provider, providing dogs to alert to changes in Type 1 Diabetic’s.   Sadly due to the pandemic we no longer train or accredit pet dogs.

Through early detection,  our Hypo Hounds can help to prevent potentially life-threatening hypoglycaemic attacks. These are known as hypos and result from low blood sugar levels.  Diabetic alert dogs can also be trained to detect potential episodes of hyperglycaemia (known as hyper’s) when blood sugar levels are too high.  Hypo Hounds services are focused primarily at children, enabling them to gain independence and freedom.  However we are able to help adults if they have a clinical need and fit our criteria.

Reducing the need for hospital admissions

When someone with Type 1 Diabetes has a severe hypo or hyper the consequences can be serious and hospital admission may be required. But with the support of a Diabetic Alert Dog, people with diabetes can dramatically reduce their risk of experiencing a hypo.

A Hypo Hound can make a huge difference to their owners’ lives, increasing confidence and independence as well as impacting on the mental well being of parents and carersWith emergency admissions to hospital costing the NHS millions of pounds each year, Hypo Hounds are saving the health service money, as well as improving lives.