How we work


Who do we work with?

Hypo Hounds is an owner-based training programme. We help dog owners with Type 1  diabetes who have little or no hypo-awareness.  Clients must have been diagnosed for over one year and must also have a clinical need for a dog to be trained for them. Sadly at this time we are only able to offer our services to Diabetics and do not cover any other health conditions.  Priority is given to those who have had hospitalisation due to their Diabetes.  We will require a minimum of 3 months BG readings and your last 3 HBA1c readings as well as medical forms that will need to be completed by your Diabetic Consultant.

Is there an age limit?

We will work with people of all ages but recommend that children taking part in our training programme are at least five years old. Their dogs will be trained to not only alert the child but also their parents and carers. 

How are the dogs selected?

We work with a variety of dog breeds and believe that some dogs have the correct temperament and potential to become a diabetic alert assistance dog with us but not all. We are often asked what breeds we would recommend by potential clients wanting a dog trained for them – we recommend Labradors and Spaniels.

We ONLY accept dogs who have completed a Kennel Club Good Citizenship Award Scheme to GOLD or ADBT course to platinum level. Dogs must attain Gold Kennel Club standard or ADPT Platinum before their fourth birthday. All Dogs must be neutered or spayed.  Please note that this does NOT Guarantee the suitability of your dog on this programme and all dogs must pass a public access exam as well as other assessments before being accepted.


Who are the trainers?

Hypo Hounds trainers are some of the UK’s leading Home Office approved scent trainers. They have all had extensive experience of dog scent training at the highest level and are all DBS-checked. This is unique to us.

What does the training involve?

Assistance dog training takes hard work, commitment and requires extensive record keeping. Owners will need to test their bloods more frequently since this is a vital part of their dogs’ training.

Where does the training take place?

Scent detection training takes place during office hours of 10am – 4pm Monday – Friday. Our trainers will advise clients on the best techniques to train their dog and all training is tailored to their individual needs. The owner’s welfare and the welfare of their dog always comes first.
All training will take place at our registered office which is a 4 minute drive from Headcorn train station and 15 mins from the M20. 

Do your dogs have access to shops?

Information regarding this can be found at the following sites – or

How much will this cost me?

Hypo Hounds relies on public donations and sponsorship. We do not charge for our services. Your dogs training would be funded by the fundraising of another client, clients are therefore required to fundraise to help the next person. It costs Hypo Hounds £12,000 to train one dog and support its training throughout its working life.

There is an annual fee of £50.00 upon being accepted onto the Hypo Hounds programme which goes towards admin and clerical fee’s.

What do I do now

If you have a dog that has reached its Kennel Club Gold please contact us and we will send you an application form. You will then be invited to attend a suitability assessment and interview at our premises in Kent. If your dog passes our suitability assessment and you fit our criteria you will then be placed onto the Hypo Hounds program. Hypo Hounds is no longer accepting dogs in training until they have reached the required standard expected by us which is Kennel Club Gold.