Hypo Hounds assists Type 1 Diabetics who have little or no hypo-awareness during the day ie: your bloods can fall as low as 2’s or even 1’s without any symptoms.  Clients must be diagnosed for over ONE year at the time of application*

This to ensure that you have adjusted into living with Type 1 Diabetes and have obtained all the support necessary from your Diabetes Team,  as well as moving from DMI (Daily Manual Injections) to a pump dependent on your CCG.  If you are newly diagnosed we recognize that this is a frightening time for you and your family – Please speak with your DSN (Diabetes Specialist Nurse) who will be able to point you in the direction of local support groups and also NHS courses. *If there are mitigating health issues we may consider an earlier application.

We do support clients who have access to a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor), working together with technology brings a wealth of health benefits for all.  Priority will always go to clients with the greatest clinical need, this is monitored on how many emergency hospital admissions you have had over the last year or required third party intervention.   Sadly at this time we do not cover any other health conditions.  

To be considered as an applicant for a fully trained Hypo Hound:

You must reside within 1 1/2hrs drive of our training center and be able to commit to weekly training sessions which may require an overnight stay (at your expense).

Have little to no hypo/hyper awareness during the day and be compliant with your Diabetic Care testing your bloods a minimum of 6 times a day.

Applicants should be over 5 years old however younger clients will be considered if there are other mitigating health issues.  In the case of teenage clients it is crucial that they are fully committed to the program for the life of the dog.  This can be particularly challenging for those going through major life changes such as work and university. 

You must have a secure garden and be able to provide a stable loving home.  Hypo Hounds have a strict NO SMOKING policy (inc vaping) and will not place a dog in a household where smokers reside.  We will not place a dog in a multi-dog household.  If you have another dog this will be subject to an assessment.

* Hypo Hounds will remain the owner of this dog, however you will be responsible for food, insurance, vet fee’s and a placement fee of £50*

Hypo Hounds trainers are some of the UK’s leading Home Office approved scent trainers. They have all had extensive experience of dog scent training at the highest level. Having worked dogs all our trainers understand the unique bond between human and dog.  They fully understand what it is like to depend on a dog for your safety.  Hypo Hounds has over 200 years of hands on scent detection training knowledge at its disposal.

Where does the training take place?

All our training takes place during office hours of 10am – 4pm, Monday – Friday.   All training takes place at our bespoke training centre in Smarden, KENT which is a 4 minute drive from Headcorn train station and 15 mins from the M20.  Clients will be expected to attend our training center weekly. 

Public Access rights for Hypo Hounds:

Information regarding this can be found at the following sites – www.assistancedoglaw.co.uk or www.equalityhumanrights.com.

Additional services:

Hypo Hounds are extremely proud to be offering mental health and well-being supportive clinics as well as rest bite care sessions for our clients.  These are held with our fully qualified (BACP) registered counselling team .  

What do I do now

If you feel you fit our criteria above please contact us via email for an application form.