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Hypo Hounds relies on public donations and receives no government funding. 

It can take between 12 and 18 months and can cost the charity  £25,000 to train just one puppy in the Hypo Hounds program.  The charity provides life-long training and support at the cost of £1,000 a year.

Hypo Hounds fully support clients even after their dog has qualified with us.

We understand that Type 1 Diabetes is continually changing especially when training a dog for a child. Hypo Hounds adapts their training to suit the client and their individual Diabetic care needs.

From as little as £5 a month you can make a real difference to the dogs we are training.

Welcome pack

When you donate £5 a month you will receive a welcome pack including:

  • A Thank you letter
  • A Hypo Hounds wristband
  • A Hypo Hounds pen
  • A copy of Scooby’s Sniffing Adventure!
  • Regular updates to keep you posted on our dogs’ progress via email newsletters

Could you be a puppy parent?

Help give our lifesaving puppies
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3 Simple ways to support Hypo Hounds

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Sponsor some training equipment

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