Our Ambassadors

Helping us raise awareness of type-1 diabetes and the vital work Hypo Hounds do in our local community. Our ambassadors help us with fundraising and attend events.


“When I was contacted by Hypo hounds I instantly wanted to know more about the work that they are doing in the Type 1 Diabetic community. I was surprised that such a small charity still in its infancy is doing such ground-breaking and life-saving work using man’s best friend.

As a Type 1 Diabetic myself I totally understand the daily struggles with blood testing and insulin injections and I have fairly good awareness of when my blood sugars rise or fall.

I was, however, shocked when I met the Hypo Hounds team and young Scooby who is partnered with Sophie did an amazing alert to my blood sugars being over what he was trained to detect. This for me was amazing as even I didn’t know what was happening but he did.

I am honoured to become an ambassador for Hypo Hounds and hope to help them raise awareness and also much-needed funds”.

Dominic Littlewood – Ambassador

“As a Type One diabetic, and an animal lover, I’m so delighted to become an ambassador for Hypo Hounds.

Life as a T1 has it’s challenges, but if you have no hypo awareness, that really would affect day to day life in every way.

It’s a pleasure to support the work Hypo Hounds does in giving people with Brittle T1 a life line – a real chance to live life to the full, thanks to the amazing skills of these specially trained dogs”.

Stephen Dixon – Ambassador

“Hypo Hounds is doing fantastic work in the Kent community, training dogs to save the lives of people living with diabetes.

When I was asked to be an ambassador and help raise awareness of both diabetes and Hypo Hounds I was truly touched and honoured.”

Joe Pasquale – Ambassador

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